Electrical fault blamed for Blumar fire

Stian Olsen

An electrical fault in the cantina kitchen was the cause of a fire that struck salmon-producer Blumar’s processor plant in the town of Talcahuano over the weekend, reports BioBioChile.

Although it was Saturday, some 240 staff had to be evacuated during their lunch break, the local Chilean fire brigade, Cuerpo d Bomberos de Talcahuano, confirmed for the news site.

Blumar health and safety lead, Felipe Hormazabal, reportedly said the evacuation was carried out in an orderly manner, and that no one had been injured during the blaze. They expect production to resume Monday.

The processor plant is seen as crucial to Blumar’s business for being situated some 400 kilometres from the capital, Santiago, to which supplies of processed salmon can be trucked relatively quickly.