Ellie Johansen takes over as Aquatech Cluster manager

Editorial Staff

Johansen has been acting as cluster leader since the spring and has been involved in several strategic projects within NCE Aquatech since 2016.

Ellie Johansen has been appointed the new cluster manager of the NCE Aquatech Cluster, succeeding Kristian Henriksen, who is moving on to a role with one of the cluster’s member companies.

Johansen expressed her enthusiasm for the new role, acknowledging the significant contributions of her predecessor. “With numerous ongoing research and innovation projects, several international market collaborations, strong professional networks, and a fantastic team, I am looking forward to continuing the good work Kristian and the team have put in. There are big shoes to fill, but I am motivated to lead the cluster,” she said.

Henriksen, who has been with NCE Aquatech since its inception in 2015, will become the new Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) of OptoScale in August. He reflected positively on his tenure and endorsed Johansen’s leadership. “After nine wonderful years, this is a good time to pass on the baton. Knowing Ellie will take over, I am confident the cluster is in the best hands,” Henriksen stated.

Bjørn Damhaug, deputy leader of the cluster and general manager of FI-Fremtidens Industri, also expressed gratitude for Henriksen’s efforts and confidence in Johansen’s leadership. “On behalf of the team, I thank Kristian for his strong efforts over several years. We are all very satisfied that Ellie, with her background and many years of experience in the cluster, has agreed to take over the leadership role,” Damhaug said.

The NCE Aquatech Cluster is a Norwegian Centre of Expertise focused on aquaculture technology and innovation. It serves as a collaborative platform for companies, research institutions, and other stakeholders within the aquaculture industry to foster innovation, share knowledge, and promote sustainable practices. The cluster aims to enhance the competitiveness and growth of the aquaculture sector through coordinated efforts in research, development, and commercialization of new technologies and solutions.

The NCE Aquatech Cluster works on various strategic projects, including research and innovation initiatives, international market collaborations, and the development of professional networks. Its primary goal is to support the sustainable development of the aquaculture industry, contributing to advancements in fish farming, environmental management, and industry best practices.


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