Emirates to accelerate retirement of A380 jumbo jets, vital for salmon exports

editorial staff

Pre COVID, Emirates’ SkyCargo aboard the A380 double-decker jet ( the largest commercial passenger plane in the world) was carrying Scottish salmon every day.

Bloomberg reports that Emirates Group is considering the deepest cuts yet in a global airline industry.

On top of 30,000 jobs to be slashed, the publication reported that United Arab Emirates-state-owned-airline is also considering accelerating the retirement of its fleet of A380s. The airline industry is facing its own struggle for survival, since most of its flights have been grounded for around three months due to the coronavirus.

In early January, it was announced that Emirates Airbus A380 service would run a daily service from Glasgow all year round from March.

Part of that strategy was to increase exports to emerging markets in China and the Middle East. However, due to the pandemic and its contribution to the fall of HORECA markets and flights, Scottish salmon exports dropped by 40 per cent in Q1.