Encouraging drop in escapes from Norwegian farms

Stian Olsen

Updated statistics from the Norwegian Directorate of Fisheries show strong decline in escapes from salmon and trout farms since last year.

By 2017, at the end of October, the Directorate of Fisheries received 34 reports from fish farmers, about the escape of approximately 13,000 salmon and 4000 rainbow trout.

Farmer registered salmon escapes 2001-2017

Corresponding figures for salmon and rainbow trout in 2016 were 128,000 and 62,000, from 115 reported events.

The statistics were recently published by the Directorate of Fisheries, which emphasizes that the figures for 2016 and 2017 are preliminary, and are being adjusted on an ongoing basis.

farmer registered rainbow trout escape 2001-2017 figures: Fisheries directorate

The figures are based on the annual statistics from the Norwegian aquaculture industry, in cooperation with Statistics Norway.

The Directorate of Fisheries notes that not all escapes are reported, and thus there may have occurred more escapes than shown in the overview.


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