English hedge fund buys up to 11 percent ownership in Atlantic Sapphire

editorial staff

Pelham Capital is now the fish farming company’s second largest shareholder.

The stock pickers in the Pelham Long/Short Small Cap Master Fund have been allocated 7.2 million shares in the private placement arranged earlier this summer. The new shares in the issue (including the second tranche approved by the extraordinary general meeting) have been reflected in the number of shares in issue, and the position of Pelham Small Cap Fund has increased above the reportable threshold of ten percent.

Altogether, Mayfair-based Pelham Capital has control over 15.5 million shares and voting rights of 11.03 percent of Atlantic Sapphire, according to a stock exchange announcement.

Pelham Capital, which is owned by Petershill Partners, lost 12 percent of its portfolio in 2021. In 2020, the company managed five billion dollars, according to Bloomberg.

The Pelham Long/Short Fund had a tough start to 2022 as well, with a loss of 18.5 percent in January.

Atlantic Sapphire’s share price falls by 4.2 per cent, to NOK 20.44, just after lunch on Tuesday.


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