Enorm Biofactory to invest €33.4 million in Denmark’s first commercial insect farm

Stian Olsen

Enorm Biofactory will produce fish feed made with insect flour from black soldier fly.

In 2018, Danish investor and former pig producer Carsten Lind Pedersen bought a closed chicken farm outside Horsens. The farm was later renovated and Lind Pedersen has invested a total of EUR 4 million in the building.

Today it houses the company Enorm Biofactory, with Pedersen as its CEO. The company, which farms larvae from the black soldier fly, has started construction of Denmark’s first commercial insect farm.

According to the Danish newspaper Børsen, the company is currently setting up a processing plant, which will produce fish and pig feed based on insect flour from the larvae. Later, the goal is to use the larvae, or protein-rich products made from them, in human foods.

During the trial and test phase, which is expected to be over next year, 1.5 tonnes of larvae will be produced per day.

Next, the plan is to invest EUR 33.4 million in a full-scale plant, which will produce 100 tonnes of larvae every day. The development will take place in stages.

In 2018, Lind Pedersen told LandbrugsAvisen that the company expected to be in commercial production mode by 2021.

Lind Pedersen said that the company is now on a hunt for investors. According to directors, the company expects to have an annual turnover of around EUR 15.4 million in 2023.


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