Estonian fish supplier at centre of listeria scandal to close down temporarily

M.V.Wool announced on Monday that it will close down its two plants for high-level cleaning.

In March, SalmonBusiness reported that the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration (DVFA) had evidence that smoked trout and salmon from Estonian producer M.V.Wool was responsible for a lethal outbreak of listeria.

Since 2016, nine people between the ages of aged 52-90 became ill with the same type of listeria. Two people died from the same strain in 2019.

Danish food detective work traced fish back to Estonia using DNA sequence-based subtyping.

Tarbija24 reports that MVWool told press on Tuesday that it is considering shutting downs its two factories in 2020 for three weeks of high-level cleaning to eliminate the strain.

News.err added that despite M.V.Wool closing the plant for sterilisation in mid-October, a second outbreak was reported a month later, leading to speculation the factory could be shut down.

Back in March, M V Wool refuted the accusations that the deadly strain came from them and claimed there was a violation of temperature flow in Denmark.

In response, the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration (DVFA) said it had clear evidence that fish came from the Estonian producer and that it did not find problems with the handling of the products in Denmark.