Exporters say farmers are pushing up prices in the run up to Easter

Salmon price up to reach over NOK 60 (EUR 6.1) next week.

“Substantially lower harvest and lower volumes means that there is not enough fish in the market. Which drives prices up. And we are a week closer to Easter. That combination makes the prices move a lot,” said a farmer.

The farmer told us that they are selling fish well over NOK 60 kilo Friday afternoon.

All of the six industrial sources that SalmonBusiness has talked to agree the price will be up to more than NOK 60 per kilo next week.

More sitting on the fence
The expected price increase means that many are playing the waiting game.

– There is a sharp rise. We have not bought anything yet. It looks like the rise in price comes a week earlier this year than usual. It will be NOK 60 (EUR 6.1) per kilo, even for 3+,” one exporter said.

“We have the impression that there is less fish in the market. We sit on the fence and wait and have not sold anything yet. The price will be over NOK 60 (EUR 6.1). We are very positive,” said a farmer.

– Prices are too high
Other exporters believe the prices have gone too high for next week and that they see enough fish available in the market.

“There are fish you can buy in Oslo today for NOK 57 (EUR 5.8). I don’t understand why the price should be over NOK 60 (EUR 6.1) next week. But I see from the market that it is going happen,” said the exporter.

Another has the same impression.

“Farmers are pushing from all angles to push up prices. There are fish left over so there is no reason for the rise other than that there was an increase at this time last year.”


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