Eye surgeon dumps €10.4 million worth of Grieg shares

Aslak Berge

The company’s third-largest owner lightens load.

On Friday night, long after the Oslo Stock Exchange closed, a stock exchange announcement was sent that the investment company OM Holding had sold 1,100,000 shares in Grieg Seafood on the same day. It was not stated what price the shares were sold for, but Grieg Seafood ended Friday’s trading of NOK 95.

OM Holding is owned by ophthalmologist and private investor Ole Morten Halvorsen (59). Salmon farming shares are a favourite of Halvorsen, who is a consultant at Ullevål University Hospital in addition to working with vision surgery at a private clinic in Bærum, both in Norway.

However, his stock portfolio is heavily leveraged. The annual accounts for 2018 show that the company has close to EUR 103 million in debt to credit institutions.

Following the sale, OM Holding owns 4,569,379 shares in the company, corresponding to an ownership interest of 4.09 per cent of the outstanding shares.

On Monday morning, Grieg sent out a financial bulletin that board member Tore Holand, via the company Skippergata 24, has purchased 1,000 shares in Grieg Seafood at a price of NOK 95.65. The company did not own shares in Grieg Seafood before.


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