Eye surgeon now owns five percent of Grieg Seafood

Aslak Berge

He’s now sitting on Grieg shares worth nearly EUR 53 million. 

Eye surgeon and stock speculator Ole Morten Halvorsen has long been heavily involved in salmon stocks. Today, he increased his stock of shares in Grieg Seafood, Oslo listed salmon farmer with production in Norway, UK and Canada.

In an announcement issued shortly after the close of the stock exchange on Monday afternoon, it was stated that Halvorsen’s entirely-owned investment company OM Holding had bought 110,000 shares in Grieg Seafood. OM Holding owns 5,664,379 shares in the company, corresponding to a stake of 5.0 percent.

OM Holding also has 1,8 million shares in Austevoll Seafood worth EUR 21 millionAustevoll Seafood is the majority owner of salmon farming giant, Lerøy Seafood Group.

Grieg Seafood’s share price fell by 4.2 per cent, to NOK 92,50 (EUR 9.8) on Monday.


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