Farmers count cost as Storm Ingunn leaves trail of torn nets and escaped fish

Editorial Staff

The Norwegian Fisheries Directorate has received reports of incidents at aquaculture facilities up and down the country following last week’s storms.

As of February 6, there have been notifications regarding escapes or suspected escapes from a total of 14 fish cages, spread across eight sites affected by the storm.

At least three companies have been affected, according to a press release issued by the directorate on Wednesday.

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The majority of these reports have originated from central and northern Norway, with a concentration in the Trøndelag region.

Map: AquaFacts

The fish at the affected sites include salmon with sizes ranging from approximately 300 grams to 6 kilograms.

The two most significant incidents occurred at Hitra and Frøya, where tears as long as 4-5 meters were found in the nets.

The extent of the escapes has not been determined for any of the incidents.

The Norwegian Fisheries Directorate is actively following up on these incidents to assess the impact and implement necessary measures.


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