Farne Salmon & Trout go from loss to profit

editorial staff

Turnaround case for Scotland-based salmon smokers who supply to Tesco.

In a filing on Companies House for the year ended 30th June 2020, Labeyrie Fine Foods-owned Farne Salmon & Trout has posted an operating profit of GBP 2.9 million, up from 2019’s operating loss of GBP 369,000.

Turnover was GBP 105 million, down from GBP 106 million last year.

A dividend of GBP 1.5 million was paid out.

Looking forward, Farne Salmon & Trout, which are based in Duns, Scotland, reiterated last year’s message that it will continue to invest in production facilities “to provide a firm base from which the business is expected to grow”.


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