Faroese salmon farmer suspends all air freight to transport goods over climate change

editorial staff

Hiddenfjord has stopped using airplanes.

In a press release, Hiddenfjord writes that it has become the aquaculture industry’s first company to stop using air freight.

The family-owned company, which dates back to 1929, said it was doing so to significantly decrease “their environmental impact in line with the 13. UN Global Goal about urgent climate action”. Now its overseas transportation CO2 emissions have shrunk by 94 per-cent.

PHOTO: Hiddenfjord

“The facts are clear, we all need to immediately stop using airplanes to transport goods in order to reduce climate change,” said Hiddenfjord MD and owner Atli Gregersen.

He added that “this was a challenging decision for us – we knew it could mean lower prices and a much higher risk because of reduced flexibility in reaching far-away markets. But ethically, it is absolutely the right decision. If we claim that we want to be a truly sustainable company, we must take responsible actions”.

“Even if the suspension of air freight has been a big change for many of our customers, we were very happy to be able to prove that we could maintain our well-known high quality – now with a much lower CO2 footprint. We see good growth in sales figures, and the product is attracting interest from new customers focusing on sustainability,” added Hiddenfjord sales director Óli Hansen.


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