Unmanned, 75m feed barge delivered to Mowi’s most exposed site in the Faroe Islands

editorial staff

Faeroese JT electric built vessel in record time.

JT electrics’ has completed a 75-metre-long barge for Mowi. The vessel, which has a capacity 700-tonne feed for salmon and five-tonne feed for lumpfish, will be anchored at the salmon giant’s most exposed site in the Faroe Islands.

JT electric is a supplier of technical equipment to the aquaculture industry worldwide. It entered into a deal to acquire the Scottish specialist fish farming equipment supplier Sterner AquaTech UK (Sterner UK), last year.

The feed barge is equipped with a modern 8-Line Feeding System developed by JT electric that is fully automated and can feed both salmon and lumpfish through the same lines, JT electric wrote in a press release.

With a fully automated feeding system and with underwater and above-the-surface cameras, fish farmers can closely monitor everything from the shore. This means that the barge is unmanned so everything is set up to be remotely operated from shore.

To minimise noise pollution, all blowers for the feeding system onboard have been installed in soundproof cabinets.

MOWI Faroe Islands MD Hans Jákup Mikkelsen said that the barge “will be powered through a 1.000m shore cable from land, making all operations onboard 100% electric with no emission and noise from generators onboard”.

JT CEO Suni Justinussen said that in addition to building the feed barge, JT electric has supplied the camera system, feeding system, antenna system, sensors and shore cable solution to the exposed site.

“And despite COVID-19 restrictions bringing immense logistical challenges, the feed barge was built in record-time and delivered according to the contract,” added Justinussen.


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