Feed boat “Aleksander Gusev” changes course towards Murmansk

Aslak Berge

Change in plans.

The captain on board the “Aleksander Gusev” originally planned to leave Cargill Bergneset on Sunday but the ship stopped shortly after departure. The crew dropped anchor out on Balsfjord, a few hundred meters from the factory building, where the cargo ship has stayed for over a day.

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At sea
The anchor was pulled up late on Monday evening and the ship set course north towards Tromsø.

While “Aleksander Gusev” sailed out the Balsfjord in the polar darkness, the final destination was changed – from Ura Guba to Murmansk, according to the AIS log on Marine Traffic.

Shortly after lunch on Tuesday, “Aleksander Gusev” is approaching Sørøya. The ship is heading northeast with a speed of just under nine knots. According to weather site Yr.no, there is a southwesterly gale and rough sea in the area.

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The feed bags on board, which were loaded at Cargill’s factory during the weekend, are set to be handed over to customer Russian Aquaculture.

In the wake of the war in Ukraine, with a large number of multinational companies having imposed sanctions on Russia, it is particularly important for Russian Aquaculture to have fish feed delivered to the fish farms on the Kola peninsula.

Although Moscow has had an import ban on Norwegian salmon for seven years, the Russians are happy to accept smolts, feed, farming equipment and wellboat services.

“Aleksander Gusev” is expected in Murmansk on Thursday night.

«Alexander Gusev». Photo: Vesselfinder



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