Final death toll from January algal blooms confirmed at 3,550 tonnes

editorial staff

Removal and final disposal of salmon affected by harmful algal blooms in Aysén has now concluded. 

The companies affected are Blumar, Salmones Austral, Salmones Camanchaca and AquaChile. In addition to these companies’ sites affected by algae, a Mowi farm activated its contingency plan for mass mortality associated with oxygen deprivation.

The recent algae bloom caused five sites in Aysén province to report massive mortality, associated with the presence of harmful microalgae.

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According to Sernapesca, Chile’s National Fisheries and Aquaculture Service, the biomass affected (mortality), 3,550 tonnes, have now been completely removed.

Sernapesca indicated that they will maintain surveillance in the area through satellite, remote, information crossing and face-to-face monitoring systems, staying alert to any weather shifts that could modify the current environmental condition.