Findus to join frozen-salmon peers in US

press release

After tasting success in the Canadian market since 2016, the Findus line of frozen food will now officially launch in the U.S. market at the Boston Seafood Expo on March 11, the company has announced.

Findus is owned by U.K.-based Nomad Foods, Europe’s largest frozen foods producer and a company doing USD 2 billion in turnover a year. It owns a handful of brands similar to Findus that compete and complement the group’s seafood offerings in different markets.

Nomad’s Iglo brand, for one, is big in the German market and has recently added Lachs Filet to frozen salmon filet offerings that include Pacific and Atlantic salmon. Nomad’s Birds Eye brand already sells frozen wild salmon in the U.S. market.

For now, Nomad’s Findus brand will focus on introducing its new Italian seafood pasta sauces in Boston along with a few European favourites from its line, including Steam Delicious Cod Loins and Jamie Oliver by Findus.

“According to our market research, there is a very high potential for Findus fish products on both the East and West coasts of the USA,” a statement said.

The company will also ply affordable Italian pasta sauces made with seafood from Italy and cod loins in steam bags for “a healthy dinner in four minutes”, Findus export director, Harald Guimaraes, was quoted as saying.

This is the second year Findus will attend the Boston Seafood Expo, North America’s largest seafood exposition, although the company seems to be calling this year it’s official U.S. launch.

Nomad Foods, meanwhile, employs over 4,300 people in 15 countries and 10 factories and recently listed on the New York Stock Exchange.


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