Finland’s largest rainbow trout farmer to open factory expansion

editorial staff

Kalaneuvos to expand company’s operations as well as double its production facilities.

Finnish rainbow trout producer Kalaneuvos is opening a new factory in Sastamala, Western Finland. The family-owned company, which is the largest operator in the fishery industry in the country, announced the EUR 28 million project earlier in the year.

The current factory has an area of approximately 5,000 square metres. After the expansion, the size of the production facility will increase to more than 11,000 square metres and will double the factory’s smoking capacity to more than 3.5 tonnes per day. This means it also is the largest fish smoker in the country, at over 14,000 tonnes of fish-per-year smoking capacity. The fish filleting capacity is set to increase to 12,000 tonnes yearly

The site will have an official opening ceremony ob the 26th of November where Kalaneuvos will introduce fish farming as a solution to sustainable food production in the age of climate change. The oration will be given by the Speaker of the Parliament of Finland, Matti Vanhanen.

The Hukkanen family also owns Nordic Fish, a group of companies concentrating on rainbow trout farming, with over 30 locations in Mainland Finland, the Åland Islands, and Sweden.