Firda buys a 20-year-old supply ship for conversion to a wellboat

Firda Seafood Group buys “Skandi Foula” from debt-laden DOF, to convert it to a well boat. 

“Skandi Foula” was built in 2002, and is a so-called Platform Supply Vessel (PSV), owned by the hard-pressed Austevoll shipping company DOF.

The 84-meter-long vessel will now be rebuilt.

The new wellboat will have a well capacity of 5,000 cubic meters, and will be equipped with fresh water production and RSW for cooling the well volume, negative pressure loading with sorting, as well as modern equipment for fish handling, washing, disinfection and treatment plants. A de-lice system will also be installed on the vessel.

The vessel will mainly be used as a tool to improve fish health and de-lice, but will also be able to be used for sorting and transporting both smolt and slaughter fish.

Norse Shipyard will be responsible for the conversion and delivery of the turnkey wellboat to Firda. The vessel is expected to be delivered in the first half of the third quarter of 2023.

Skandi Foula. Photo: DOF

“We are investing in well boats to take action to further improve fish welfare in the Firda Seafood Group, and look forward to having a good and flexible tool for handling our fine fjord trout,” Firda wrote in a statement on Wednesday night.

“This is a significant investment that will provide better fish welfare and a simpler and better working day for our employees. The investment will contribute to improved resource utilization, increased food production, and strengthened value creation in the group “.

“We look forward to starting the rebuilding and we are now looking for a captain and chief engineer for construction follow-up and operation of the vessel,” Firda continued.

“In Norse, we are grateful to once again be chosen to deliver another exciting project for Firda Seafood Group, and with which we have managed to have a good collaboration. We look forward to challenges and a good result,” Norse Shipyard said.


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