Firda Group appoints Øyvind Kråkås as first community liason

Editorial Staff

His began his new role on 15 January.

Norwegian salmon and trout farmer Firda Seafood Group has appointed of Øyvind Kråkås as its new community liason.

Kråkås, who recently took up his duties, joins Firda from his previous role as general manager at consulting firm Havbrukspartner.

With a background in media science and a long-standing career in the industry, including stints at Salmon Group, Kråkås brings a wealth of experience to his new role.

“I look forward to getting Øyvind in place as community contact in Firda. We know Øyvind well from before, and he is a familiar face in the industry. Firda has collaborated with him for a number of years, among other things he has had a central role in establishing the annual aquaculture conference at Firda’s display facility in Skjerjehamn,” said CEO Lina Braanaas Utne in a press release issued on Tuesday

Firda Seafood Group, headquartered on Byrknesøy in Gulen municipality, Vestland, is known for its trout production and processing facilities. The group also operates a freezer and shipping company, along with a hotel and restaurant at the historic Skjerjehamn trading post. With additional trout production in several municipalities and a total of 220 employees, Firda is a significant name in Norway’s aquaculture sector.


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