2.6 million smolt lost at Lerøy facilty during fire

Salmon farmer responds to huge blaze at its post-smolt facility in Northern Norway, revealing the extent of the damage.

Firefighters battled a huge fire at the 100 million euro post-smolt Lerøy-owned Laksefjord facility. A subcontracter died at the scene.

In a press release released on Monday, the company wrote:

“Yesterday on the 27th of January, a fire broke out at Lerøy Seafood Group`s smolt facility in Laksefjord in Finnmark. An employee of a firm which was performing maintenance work is currently unaccounted for. Our thoughts and prayers go out to his family circle, friends and his colleagues.

“Lerøy Seafood Group will continue to assist the subcontractor, the police and other public bodies in conducting an enquiry into what has happened. Initially, the focus has been to obtain an overview of the situation and implement mitigation measures.

“As a consequence of the fire, 2.6 million salmon smolt between 50 and 60 grams which were planned for release in April 2019 are lost. Mitigating steps will be initiated.

Lerøy added that further information concerning the incident will be given in a quarterly presentation which will be held on the 26(th) of February 2019.


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