Fire at Swedish salmon importer being treated as arson

Editorial staff

Large fire in the industrial building that held salmon imports in Gothenburg, Sweden, is being investigated for arson.

The violent fire started on 22nd July, Sunday evening, at an industrial building for salmon and shrimp in Lundby central in Gothenburg, according to the Swedish publication, Aftonbladet.

SalmonBusiness understands that Seabreeze Seafood works in this building. The company operates imports of salmon.

What triggered the fire is not known, but it is investigated as arson. Technical surveys will not start until next Tuesday.

The industrial building is only 100 meters from Lundby Fire Station, and around 40 firefighters took down the blaze. The closure work is still ongoing, according to the Gothenburg Post. There is still a danger of collapse.

According to witnesses, there were a number of explosions from the industrial building. These could have come from gas bottles.

“The fire spread in just 5-10 minutes. It probably exploded ten times from the building,” said Timmy Andersson to the Swedish news site SVT.


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