Fire breaks out at Mowi’s new €40 million smolt facility in Norway

A fire broke out this morning at Mowi’s new €40 million smolt facility off the coast of Northern Norway.

But, there’s no explosive danger or danger of the fire spreading. It is now under control.

“No one has been missing and no personal injury has been reported,” operations manager in Troms police district, Roy Tore Meyer, told Framtid i Nord.

Meyer told NRK that there were a number of workers in the area in Skjervoy, in north Norway, when the fire broke out, but it is not clear if any of them were inside the facility when it started.

Two workers were brought to an emergency room to check for smoke exposure, a tweet by Trom’s police district says.

The new facility was due to start production by the New Year, but it is not clear if it still will. The site will make Mowi self-sufficient with smolt in Nordland and Troms.

In May, there was another fire at Skjervoy, but this time at Morenot. That building was completely damaged.


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