Fire hits another Huon salmon cage

Third incident in weeks.

In November, the Tasmanian salmon farmer Huon Aquaculture was hit by a fire which resulted in the loss of 52,000 salmon.

ABC reports that another blaze has hit a Huon site, but the cage, at Hideaway Farm, was empty of salmon.

Jillaine Williams told the publication that she was on a boat passing Huon Aquaculture’s pens at Hideaway Bay, in southern Tasmania, when she saw the fire break out.

She filmed and uploaded the footage to Facebook on Tuesday.

“[It was] quite a large blaze, quite high flames, a metre and a half,” Williams said.

“The smoke was thick and black, [Huon] had a few vessels there, they seemed to put it out in about 15 minutes,” she added.

In a statement, Huon said that the incident was down to a “small electrical fire caused minor damage to the railing on an outer pen”.

The cause of November’s fire still remains “inconclusive”. A tear at one of its pens in Storm Bay, most likely caused during net cleaning operations, resulted in a 130,000 salmon escape in December.


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