Firefighters tackle blaze on Aker BioMarine vessel in Uruguay

Stian Olsen

The blaze started around three in the morning early last night.

According to the Uruguayan newspaper El Pais, the ship “Juvel” owned by Aker BioMarine – a Norwegian fishing and biotech company that provides krill products – has has caught on fire.

The ship had been at Montevideo port since February. The fire occurred in one of its dormitories.

According to the newspaper, the ship has 10 crew members and only one was affected: he was transferred to the Maciel Hospital with symptoms of smoke inhalation, and is in currently stable condition.

The navy said that they worked with the local fire department to extinguish the fire. Mariela Vivone, spokeswoman for the fire department, told El País that the fire was already controlled and that they are still working in the area due to the high temperature that continues to affect the boat. The fire has now been put out.

Krill is used as a feed ingredient for salmon. BioMar is one of Aker Biomarine’s largest customers.


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