First French offshore trout farm licence since ’96

Salmon Business

Sea trout farmer Symbiomer has received a permit for farming trout off the coast of Brittany. It is the first permit the French government has granted since 1996, reports Bretagne Bretons.

The start up company will farm on a 3-hectare marine concession near the island of Brehat, on the north coast of Britanny.

Symbiomer, founded by Alexis Bouvet (28), is focussing on sustainable exploitation of marine resources, by integrating the farming of sea trout in net pens and the harvesting of seaweed. The company also harvests scallops.

Symbiomer initially aims to produce 4.5 tonnes, but its production will reach 20 t in the medium term. Demand for trout is reporedly growing in France, where market studies show a supply shortfall of about 4,000 t.


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