First steps of Atlantic Sapphire’s Phase 2 construction is underway

Aslak Berge

Will more than double the company’s harvest volume.

The plot for phase two is located just near the first, in a former tomato field near the Everglades wetlands, an hour’s drive from Miami. Here the construction cranes and excavators are in full swing.

Atlantic Sapphire raised USD 120 million in fresh capital earlier this year to fund the second stage of construction. The company’s Miami Bluehouse will increase annual production and harvest volumes in Phases 1 and 2 by about 15,000 tonnes (gutted weight) to 25,000 tonnes.

It is expected that the first fish will be put in the new Phase 2 facility in 2022, with the increased harvest volume from 2023.

“While we have had some disappointing hiccups this year it is extremely comforting to see how organized and smoothy our Phase 2 expansion is moving forward. The area is transforming quickly and tanks will start to rise in a couple of months,” founder and CEO Johan E. Andreassen wrote on Twitter.

The first stage of construction has sufficient smolt, harvest facility and filleting capacity to produce 25,000 tonnes of salmon.

Besides the facility in Florida, Atlantic Sapphire also has a pilot facility in the seaside resort of Hvide Sande in Denmark. The latter is planned to produce 2,500 tonnes of salmon annually.


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