FISA ramps up net production during Covid-19 crisis

editorial staff

Peruvian industry net making giant says it’s supplying “urgent necessities”.

In a press release, FISA – also knows as Fibras Industriales – which provides nets and cages for the Chilean salmon farming industry, writes that it has started a gradual ramp-up of production so it could supply urgent necessities of its fishing and aquaculture customers during Covid-19 crisis.

The ramp-up follows the emergency national health lockdown imposed by the Peruvian government on the 15th of March, it wrote.

With armed guards in tow, the National Superintendency of Labor Inspection known as SUNAFIL visited the company and audited it to see if all health controls were up to protocol standards.


On Thursday, SalmonBusiness reported that residents in Chile’s salmon heartlands in putting up roadblocks halting operations in Chiloé, were putting up roadblocks as they believed the entry and exit of trucks from salmon farmers were spreading the coronavirus.


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