Fish farm worker dies in boat accident

editorial staff

A male worker from Cermaq Canada died in a boat accident at a salmon fish farm off the west coast of Vancouver Island in Canada on Sunday, reports several newspapers.

Cermaq Canada also confirmed Monday that one of its employees had died at one of its sites in a statement on Facebook.

“Regretfully and with deep sadness, Cermaq Canada can confirm there has been a fatality related to an incident at one of our sites located off the west coast of Vancouver Island. Out of respect for the family of the employee who has passed, the employees involved, and the official follow up process, we will not be providing any further details at this time.

We are extending our heartfelt condolences and support to the family and friends of our employee. We are providing resources and support for our employees and families as they work through this tragic and difficult time. The coast guard were contacted immediately, and we will continue to work with all authorities. As the investigation progresses, we will share what we can, when it is appropriate.

Thank you in advance for your patience and understanding,” the company wrote.

WorkSafeBC will now conduct an investigation.

“The primary purpose of our investigation is to identify the cause of the incident, including any contributing factors, so that similar incidents can be prevented from happening in the future,” spokesman Craig Fitzsimmons said.

According to Global News two others were injured in the incident.


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