Fish farming data analyst Kontali expands staff by 65%

editorial staff

Based on increased demand and a new growth strategy after it was acquired by Alytic, Kontali initiates expansion phase and will hire new seafood analysts.

In a press release, the aquaculture and fishing industry analysis provider Kontali writes that it is expanding staff by 65 per-cent.

“We are excited to launch a new growth strategy and add more people to our highly skilled team. A staff of 17 in Norway and The Netherlands is soon to be a staff of 28,” said CEO Kontali CEO Thomas Aas.

Eight of the new positions are to be filled within the first quarter of 2021. These include Chief Technology Officer, Sales and Marketing Manager and several seafood analysts.

“Hiring executives in various fields of expertise is step one. Step two is for those executives to put together their own teams. We are looking to continue to expand business and staff in 2021,” added Aas.

The strategy is a direct result of Alytic’s acquisition of Kontali in October. Alytic, Arendals Fossekompani’s new growth company, recently bought 71 per-cent of the shares in the company analysing the market of fisheries and aquaculture on a global basis.


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