Fish feed price went over €1.6 per kilo in the second quarter

Aslak Berge

It has never been more expensive to feed salmon.

Converted to Norwegian kroner, BioMar’s feed sales in the second quarter of the year show an average price of NOK 15.30 (€1.6) per kilogram of fish feed. It is the highest feed price of all time, by a fairly clear margin.

In the past year alone, the price of fish feed has increased by a whopping 25.9 percent.

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It is a cocktail of price increases in energy, raw materials and logistics that is behind the significant inflation.

Fish feed is by far the most important cost component in salmon farming. Given a feed factor of 1.2, it will now cost NOK 18.35 (€1.9) to feed a kilogram of salmon.

Feed stock. Skretting department Stokmarknes.

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