Fish health company STIM taps new CEO

Editorial staff

Jim-Roger Nordly is stepping down as CEO.

Fish health company STIM has appointed Carl-Erik Arnesen as its new Chief Executive Officer, the company announced in a press release on Friday.

Arnesen has worked in the Nordly group since 2019, most recently as managing director of Polarfeed.

Jim-Roger Nordly, who is stepping down from the CEO position at STIM, spoke highly of Arnesen’s capabilities.

“Carl-Erik’s vast experience, dedication, and intimate knowledge of the company made it an easy decision. Knowing we share an understanding and collaboration ethic brings confidence,” said Nordly.

Arnesen’s wide-ranging experience encompasses research, production, finance, sales, export, and management.

After starting with Mowi in 1982, he has spent significant years in various influential roles, including a tenure in the Fisheries section of DNB, 16 years as the managing director of Firda Seafood group, and a spell as sales and marketing director at Alsaker Fjordbruk. Before joining the Nordly Group in 2019, he held the CEO position at Hav Line Gruppen.


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