Fish silage cargo vessel “Scan Tank” catches fire off the coast

Stian Olsen

32m long vessel caught on fire off the coast of Trøndelag, Central Norway.

Four people were on board.

There was a fire aboard the 58-year-old “Scan Tank” at Marøy Marina, Trøndelag, Central Norway, at 17.50pm on Tuesday. The boat normally freights fish silage.

Local police confirmed the name of the boat to SalmonBusiness and also confirmed that the boat was in for maintenance.

According to Rørvik Marina CEO Kjell Ivar Sørøy, it was in for a painting job. “But the fire had nothing to do with us,” Sørøy emphasised to SalmonBusiness.

The fire was quickly put under control.

“There wasn’t any dangerous cargo on the boat. Four people were on board. Everyone is safe and were checked by health authorities,” wrote local police in Trøndelag on Twitter.

“Scan Tank” is owned by the shipping company Grøntvedt Shipping with a home port at Brekstad in Ørland municipality in Trøndelag. SalmonBusiness has tried to contact the general manager Steinar Grøntvedt, but so far has not received a reply.


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