FishIT turns salmon waste into fertiliser

A boost to sustainability in the sector.

New Zealand-based company FishIT has developed a process taking waste mortality from salmon farms in the region and turning them into fertiliser.

The fish hydroslate, which is 100 percent sustainable following a 360 degree model of the circular economy, provides benefits for the health of soil, animals and humans through its use. It both provides a use for waste mortality and offers a sustainable option for the agriculture sector.

The biological products help maintain productivity while reducing environmental impact levels, cutting nitrate and phosphate dependance without harming pasture growth. A reduction in inputs to optimal levels ultimately leads to a balanced nutritional food cycle, leading to a drastic environmental change of chemical leaching into our streams, rivers, and oceans.

“They found a source of protein that they wanted was right there on their doorstep with the salmon farm on Stewart Island. Basically, they took some whole salmon, put it through a woodchipper at that time, turned it into a bit of liquid, strained it through some muslin cloth and applied it to their soil and saw some results,” FishIT General Manager Richard Diack told Rural Exchange.


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