Norwegian Food Safety Authority confirms ISA outbreak at SalMar site

Editorial staff

The Norwegian Food Safety Authority has confirmed an outbreak of Infectious Salmon Anemia (ISA) at SalMar farming’s Makrellskjæret sea site in Flatanger municipality.

The confirmation came after SalMar and the Veterinary Medical Mission Center, who operate the site, notified the authority of suspected cases of ILA on Sep. 26. Tests conducted on samples taken the same day from the fish at the farm confirmed the presence of the disease on Oct. 4.

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In response to the confirmed outbreak, the Norwegian Food Safety Authority has imposed restrictions at the affected site, including a prohibition on the movement of fish without special authorization. A restricted zone to mitigate and combat the spread of ISA will soon be established in the vicinity of the outbreak.

“All individuals and operations in the area are urged to exercise caution to prevent further spread of the infection,” the authority’s notification stated.


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