For the first time ever salmon feed will contain protein from grasshoppers

Editorial staff

Salmon Group has entered into an exclusive agreement with the entrepreneur company Metapod, which ensures farmers in their network provide nutritious fish feed.

“Salmon Group and Metapod pave the way for a new, locally produced protein source, which will be used in salmon feed, among other things. Industrial processing of grasshoppers provides a nutritious insect meal that will provide competition to soy and fish meal, which in today’s diet is a rich source of protein. In addition, it benefits from a “problem resource” from other food production,” a press release states in connection with the signing of the agreement.

“Metapod has developed technology for making insect flour from grasshoppers and crickets, which ensures local production of one of the most important and sought-after ingredients in food, both for animals and humans. Production will also refine food waste so this is brought back into our value chain. This is how the industry uses a new resource and new technology, and Salmon Group further reduces the footprint,” the press release states.

Nils Inge Hitland. Photo: Salmon Group

“The way Metapod thinks resource management is completely in line with our sustainability work in practice and does not seize resources or land that could have been used for other food production for humans or animals. In addition, a raw material – a “problem resource” is used – from other food production that would not otherwise have been of equal value. Circular economically, this is spot on. Metapod has a unique position here,” said Nils Inge Hitland, purchasing and feed manager at Salmon Group.

In the winter of 2020, a letter of intent was signed by Salmon Group aquaculture network, which secures product sales and enables upscaling. The aim is to produce 50,000 tonnes of biomass annually.


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