Former CEO of EWOS group to depart from Cargill

editorial staff

Einar Wathne, head of seafood in Cargill Animal Nutrition, will leave the company on February 1st.

After leaving the position as head of Cargill Aqua Nutrition five months ago, Einar Wathne has exploring opportunities for Cargill in new parts of the seafood value chain.

“Although I am now leaving Cargill, I will stay close to the seafood industry and have ideas in innovation and entrepreneurship that I hope to bring to life,” said Einar Wathne.

Einar Wathne came to Cargill when Cargill bought EWOS in 2015 and his leadership and extensive knowledge in aquaculture have helped position Cargill as a leader in the industry.

“I know that after years of traveling and late meetings and phone calls Einar looks forward to a new and exciting chapter in life, and more time with the family. I thank Einar for his leadership and his infectious, passionate commitment to aquaculture and wish him well,” said Joe Stone, CAN Enterprise Leader.


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