Former Grieg and Mowi executive appointed Managing Director of Akvafuture

Editorial staff

Norway-based Akvafuture, which operates “sustainable and environmentally-friendly fish farms at three locations in Vevelstad and Bronnoy municipalities,” has appointed Dean Trethewey as Managing Director.

Announcing the appointment on his LinkedIn page, Trethewey stated that: “I’m happy to share that I’m starting a new position as Managing Director at Akvafuture.”

Trethewey has decades of experience in the industry, having worked as the Production Manager of Marine Harvest Group (now Mowi) from 2001-2016 before later becoming the Production Director of Greig Seafood in British Columbia.

Akvafuture’s technology used a closed cage system to improve fish wellbeing and welfare. The company’s system allows for salmon to live in clean, deep sea water that prevents the risk of sea lice infestations, while the cage used means the fish are subjected to minimum handling, which promotes high levels of growth.

Fish feed is securely held within the closed cases used to prevent wild fish from accessing it, reducing wastage, and the risk of escapes is low due to the use of a double protection system.


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