Former manager at processing plant reported to police for cheating employer in salmon sale scam

editorial staff

A former managing director at processing plant Viking Fjord has been caught illegally selling salmon for cash. The plant is owned by Alsaker Fjordbruk, a Norwegian salmon farmer. 

The person had been selling salmon illegally over a long period of time, wrote newspaper Sunnhordland. He has admitted guilt and has since left his position.

“The company will be looking very seriously into the matter. The investigation so far have revealed a large amount of salmon was sold for cash in hand. Turnover was withheld outside the company’s bookkeeping through manipulation of the company’s computer system, and had not been taxed,” reported Chairman Gerhard Meidell Alsaker in a press release.

Hans Helge Vik is the new general manager of the processing plant.

“Viking Fjord has reported the case to the police and we will cooperate with the police in the investigation. The company hopes that the investigation will determine the extent of the incident, and that the former manager (possibly with a team of others who may have done criminal acts) will be held responsible for this,” Alsaker said.

He also stated measures have been taken to prevent such things from happening again.

“The company’s business goes as normal, despite the turmoil and the burden the case has caused the organisation,” he said.


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