Former Marine Harvest director behind first ever land-farmed king salmon

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Patagonia King Salmon is ready to offer their products to the world market.

After four years of scientific research and testing, Patagonia King Salmon, created by holding company Sealand Advanced Aquaculture, will see its first harvest of king salmon, also known as chinook salmon – going to selective bidders across the US, Japan, Singapore, Chile, Brazil and Europe.

Over the next 12 months, Patagonia King Salmon’s state-of-the-art RAS (Recirculation Aquaculture System) farm is set to produce over 100 tons of Patagonia King Salmon and ramping up to deliver over 500 tons by 2024, according to a press release.

The fact that the company started its operations in Patagonia, Chile, is significant. As a leading salmon-farming region, Patagonia faces increasing demand for sustainably farmed fish in a balancing act to simultaneously protect the pristine environment the fish are farmed in.

With in-depth experience in land-based salmon farming, Sealand Advanced Aquaculture founders Hans den Bieman (ex Nutreco and Marine Harvest) and Oscar Garate (ex Aqua Bench) turned their talents to the most sought-after and largest of the salmon family: king salmon.

Bred from wild Patagonian stock, their unique Patagonian Kings are, according to the press release, in a class of their own in terms of flavor, health and sustainability.

By collaborating with Natpro – another subsidiary of Sealand Advanced Aquaculture that produces protein-rich, insect-based salmon feed at the farm – their Patagonia King Salmon is at the forefront of the movement for truly circular salmon farming.

“We like to call it forward farming, meaning we are on a journey to produce superlative quality fish with the least possible impact on the environment to meet future demand,”, said Hans den Bieman.

Oscar Garate added: “We are always improving how we farm and overcoming the challenges of breeding this powerful fish with advanced technology has been a real Patagonian adventure.”

Patagonia King Salmon’s first clients are high-end restaurants and prominent chefs with a discerning taste for a fish with flavor and texture so perfect, that it is already reputed to be
“out of this world.”


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