Former Marine Harvest Kritsen employees offered work in Morpol site

Following the fire that ravaged the Kritsen plant in Landivisiau (Finstère) on 11 July, the smoked salmon processing company will transfer its business to Cuisery, Burgundy. However this is no guarantee of more long term work after.

Several of employees have already volunteered to join the site in Saone-et-Loire, eastern France, according to Ouest-France.

A massive fire destroyed Marine Harvest Kritsen in Landivisiau, Brittany, France in July putting an end to its smoked salmon production. To cope with end-of-year orders, the company announced plans to operate its Morpol plant in Saône-et-Loire such as Kritsen.

“A few employees from Landerneau have volunteered to accompany the launch of this temporary production site and we thank them for it. This know-how is essential, “said Fabrice Barreau, General Manager of Marine Harvest Europe West.

“However, we are far from meeting the need for manpower needed on the site,” said Barreau, adding that the company would like support staff based on a “mobile voluntary basis.”

However the 895km distance to the new Landivisiau production site will make the move difficult albeit unrealistic for many and the company will a use temp agency to meet the demand.

According to the publication, the company say that this was in no way a definitive relocation and the reconstruction the plant will only be looked in in early 2019, once the festive season has passed.


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