Former Mowi CEO to join Bakkafrost board

Editorial Staff

A former CEO of Mowi has been proposed for election to the board of Faroese salmon company, Bakkafrost.

This nomination comes ahead of the company’s upcoming meeting, scheduled to take place at Bakkafrost’s headquarters in the Faroe Islands on Tuesday 30 April.

In the annual election for the Board of Directors, members are chosen for a one-year term, with the possibility of re-election. The company’s election committee is tasked with advising the general meeting on the selection of board members, in accordance with the firm’s articles of association.

The current board includes Guðrið Højgaard, Annika Frederiksberg, Einar Wathne, Øystein Sandvik, and Teitur Samuelsen, alongside the chairman, who is elected directly by the general meeting. The committee has recommended the re-election of these members, in addition to the chairman.

Having previously served as CEO for both Leroy and Mowi, with Aarskog’s proposed addition to the board, Bakkafrost brings significant additional experience to its operations.


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