French boutique salmon farmer rolls out aquaponic projects

Salmon De France is to open a farm that uses fish waste to grown vegetables and fruit.

Talking to the French newspaper, CEO Pascal Goumain said that the combination of fish farming with the cultivation of above-ground plants was “global and virtuous.”

The owner of Saumon de France, put into the project, which is in Cherbourg, Normandy into place at the beginning of August. Another forty of these urban farms are planned, even one in Paris.

“More and more communities are launching to promote the principle of self-feeding cities and localism. These farms are also educational. We have found an economic model that stands, combining fish farming, smoking, culture, guided tours and store selling our products,” he told the publication.

The farm uses nutrient-laden fish waste to develop an aquaponic farm. This water is then recovered, filtered and reinjected into the ponds. The water is then recovered, filtered and put back into the ponds.

In Cherbourg, the greenhouse is also used to raise freshwater trout over three-month cycle, which are then smoked in Salmon de France’s processing plant. Vegetable production is expected to reach 1 tonne per year.

The aquaponics project will also allow, in large ponds, to safely grow smolt. With the method Saumon De France’s harvest estimate of 250 tons this year, could potentially reach 1,500 tons.


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