France’s Delpeyrat changes tack: “We’ll do less, but better”

Salmon Business

The after effects of bird flu forces goose liver specialist, Delpeyrat, to change its strategy and priorities. That includes a new focus on salmon, writes newspaper, Le Figaro.

Managing director, Dominique Duprat, had revealed that the bird flue virus of recent years cast “permanent marks” on the foie gras segment. A corresponding fall in production alone cost Delpeyrat EUR 50 million, and the industry as whole, costs topped EUR 63 million, according to the newspaper.

Dominique Duprat

The company’s own turnover ended up at EUR 400 million in 2017, or down EUR 100 million year-on-year. To compensate for slumping core sales activity, Delpyrat has increased its focus on smoked salmon and its market share of 7.4 percent.

Alongside a focus on doubling international sales, the company has also fronted a larger assortment of premium brands.

“We’re trying to do less but in a better way,” Duprat was quoted as saying, adding that since 2013, Delpeyrat has invested in a number of salmon smokers.


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