France’s only salmon farmer succesfully crowdfunds €800,000 to buy trout farms

Aquaponic Management Project, which owns Saumon de France, raised cash on MiiMOSA.

The company which owns the boutique Cherbourg-en-Cotentin, Normandy-based salmon farmer Saumon de France, has raised EUR 800,000 in two and a half months on a crowdfunding platform dedicated to agriculture and food.

The funds will be spent on land from two fish farms in the Eure valley, also in Normandy.

Saumon De France CEO Pascal Goumain told that he has brought his organic and non-chemicals/ antibiotics usage to trout farming. Furthermore, in the current crisis, the fact that Carrefour group – one of the biggest supermarket groups in France – has subscribed to the “Act for food” approach, aiming to relocate more food production in France, has given the site more significance in the current coronavirus crisis.

“People want to know where the products are made and how. They no longer want products to cross the planet. It was already in the era of time and the crisis of the moment demonstrates that,” he said.

He added that his project was the largest successfully funded to date on MiiMOSA.


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