French Marine Harvest plant wakes up to after effects of fire

Impacts include delayed deliveries as well as meetings with French union officials about the fates of staff.

Marine Harvest is now waking up to the ramifications of the massive fire which destroyed its Kritsen plant in Landivisiau, Brittany, France which started on Tuesday 11th at around 3 in the afternoon.

The site is still inaccessible according to a email sent from Marine Harvest to SalmonBusiness. “At this point in time, we don’t know yet what the cause of the fire was. Investigations can only start once the site is accessible again” said Margreet van Harn Marketing & Innovation Director at Marine Harvest Benelux.

The company said that it had to delay a number of smoked salmon deliveries but have informed their customers about the incident to “focus on dealing with short-term emergencies.”

None of the 146 staff who were present at the plant were injured. However questions are being asked about if and when workers will be able to return to work. Most of the site was destroyed in the fire.

“There will be a meeting with union representatives this afternoon to discuss all questions regarding this unfortunate situation for all employees of the Landivisiau plant,” said Margreet van Harn.

“We are very grateful to the fire brigade for their quick, expert and effective action in mastering the fire and we hope that the two firemen who sustained light injuries will recover soon. We also want to thank all the companies in the neighbourhood of our plant who offered their help and support to our evacuated employees” added Margreet van Harn.


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