French salmon farmer lands deal to supply Thai Union-owned Petit Navire with trout

100 per-cent Normandy-raised fish from boutique salmon farmer Saumon De France.

Brittany-based cannery Petit Navire is releasing a new product marketed as the first Normany-raised Brittany-processed smoked trout.

Pascal Gouman founder of Saumon De France, France’s only sea salmon farm confirmed in an email to SalmonBusiness that his organically-raised fish were being used for the product

Saumon De France produces around 250 tonnes of salmon and trout a year in Cherbourg-en-Cotentin, Normandy, the second largest artificial harbour in the world. Last year, Gouman said that France was sitting on an untapped area for salmon farming, but a mix of bureaucracy and a lack of enthusiasm stemmed any growth. “We should be a big aquaculture country but in fact, we are a small one”

Thai Union acquired MW Brands, the French owner of John West and Petit Navire – one of France’s leading producers of canned fish – in 2010. Petit Navire branched out into the fresh market in 2016.