French smoked salmon sales peaked with a 29.2% increase in value over Christmas period

editorial staff

Strong festive season for salmon despite lockdown.

BFMTV reports that French demand for smoked salmon was not dampened by COVID-19 over the Christmas holidays.

With figures from the data provider Iri, sales increased by 14.4 per-cent in value and during the Christmas season, 15.7 per-cent in the week of Christmas and 29.2 per-cent in the New Year week.

Sales of smoked salmon (large and medium distribution) increased by eight per-cent in value over one year.

In November, Labeyrie co-CEO Jacques Trottier said that smoked salmon proved a hit in France’s first lockdown (from March to May), with a 15 per-cent increase in sales. At the time, Trottier predicted that demand would end strong going into the festive season.


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