Fresh salmon sales in US market up 6 percent to $198M in last four weeks

Latest figures from US data analytics company IRI show fresh salmon sales were up 5.9 percent to reach $198,375,599 in the four weeks ending May 15 versus the same period last year.

Sales in terms of volume were down 8.4 percent, suggesting Americans are cutting back as record high salmon prices are making salmon harder to afford.

The fresh seafood category overall shows inflationary pressures are affecting US households’ seafood purchases: sales declined by 13.7 percent during the period to reach $487,485,170, while in terms of volume, sales were down by 22.4 percent.

In the frozen seafood category, sales also declined – by 5.4 percent – to reach $513,997,866. Sales volume went down by 14.8 percent.

IRI data include multi-sales channels, including food/grocery, drug, mass merchandisers, Walmart, club stores (such as Sam’s), dollar stores and military commissaries.


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