Friedrichs launches new convenience products at Anuga

Feinfisch manufaktur Gottfried Friedrichs, Germany’s market leader for premium salmon products, launched two new additions to its convenience assortment at Anuga Foodtec in Koln. Salmon Business reports from the fair.

Kathrin Runge, Gottfried Friedrichs marketing manager, is very enthusiastic about her company’s new additions.

“Both our new convenience products are for the retail channel; salmon tartare, in ready to serve portions, and salmon rolls with cream cheese filling in two different flavours; natural and horseradish with cranberries. The salmon rolls come in a package with a small fork, so they can be eaten at any time.”

The salmon tartare is a perfect ready to eat appetizer, says Runge. “Consumers could add some herbs as a garnish or to add extra taste, but it’s not really necessary. It’s a wonderful product for the holiday season.”

15 per cent growth
Gottfried Friedrichs, founded more than hundred years ago, is one of Germany’s oldest fish companies. Salmon accounts for 70 percent of its sales volume. Other products are trout, Arctic char, caviar, eel and herring.

The company saw a volume growth of 15 percent in its salmon segment in 2016, says Runge.

“We are very proud of this achievement, given the fact that prices of the raw material were high during that period and the sale of salmon in Germany as a whole has dropped.”

The fact that Friedrichs had to raise its prices due to the increased costs of raw material, did not affect growth, says Runge.

Germany and Poland
Friedrichs has three locations: in Hamburg, Waren an der Müritz and Doble (Poland). The company supplies retail, catering and restaurants in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Poland, Croatia, Egypt, the USA and China.

Friedrichs sells ‘several thousand’ tons of salmon per year.


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